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Historic Railway Restoration Inc was awarded the contract to refurbish 3 single truck trolley cars owned by the City of Detroit in December 2002.  The project involves complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration of Open Car #247, Swiss Car #4 and J.G. Brill Car #3.  These three cars have serviced a downtown heritage trolley line in Detroit, MI for over twenty years.  Each trolley vehicle has been disassembled to the frame and had all major and minor wood repairs performed.  The motors and controllers were rebuilt and new wheels and axles have been manufactured for each truck.  All window glass was replaced with safety glass and HRR repaired the clerestory windows.  Car #247 had a wheelchair mount installed to make this car compliant with the American Disabilities Act.  All three cars had an inverter installed to power the interior lights and heater from the 600VDC to 110VAC, also the main breaker switches were converted to a low voltage micro switch inside the vestibule and the 600VDC supply is being moved to the roof top.  All trolley cars had the finish woodwork restored, stained and varnished.   The project was funded by federal and state grants 


CARS #3  - #4  -  #247