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In July 1999 HRR traveled to Ottumwa, IA to perform cosmetic restoration of CB&Q 345 ton steam locomotive #3001. This project involved disassembly and breakdown of exterior jacket, controls, interior cab and various exterior sections of the locomotive. Once the cab and jacket were disassembled, HRR oversaw the removal of asbestos around boiler section by a certified asbestos contractor. After the asbestos was removed, the locomotive was enclosed and sandblasted from top to bottom. Then the task of grinding, sanding and patching many rusted areas on the cab and jacket exterior began. It took nearly four months to fully repair or replace the primary rusted spots on this massive locomotive cab. After repairs had been completed, a painting contractor painted the locomotive with a new coat of black paint. HRR manufactured new cab windows with plexiglass inserts to protect the cab from vandalism. Vince Mendenhall was the project manager for this job and coordinated all project scheduling and working with subcontractors

CB&Q 3001 Ottumwa IA