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Historic Railway Restoration provided mechanical restoration and equipment modification services to Michael Hienl, a private investor. HRR performed the task of installing a battery powered propulsion system. This modification included rebuilding the trucks with new gears, modified brake rigging and installing forklift style propulsion package in the car. A modified forklift controller was installed inside an original K-35 controller casing and a converter box was manufactured to accommodate the power conversion. Rebuilt forklift motors were mounted in the truck using newly manufactured motor mounts designed by HRR. The 48-volt system was powered by four large batteries, which were installed inside the car passenger area in each corner. The batteries were concealed with oak wood casings and were located in the longitudinal seat area where the seats had been removed. A new air system was manufactured and installed to work with the converted power system using a modern air compressor. All passenger seats were removed and repaired for reinstallation. New interior light fixtures were installed and modern display hardware was removed from the exterior of the car body. HRR anticipates a larger market for a battery powered streetcar in smaller localized communities that cannot afford an overhead system, but want the nostalgia of a streetcar. HRR looks forward to perfecting the battery powered streetcar system and offering a more versatile mode of transportation. HRR would like to thank Mr. Heinl in his dedication and patience in HRR’s development of this power application, which has not been done in over 80 years.